How I See Things

How I See Things
Cartoon-like drawing in shades of dark to medium purple. Eyes with beautiful eyelashes, looking through a pair of glasses.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Grandpa is 100

My grandfather turned 100 recently!

Because of the Corona Virus, I haven’t been able to visit him in person since August. My younger son, our dog and I went to visit him in an outdoor, socially distant visit. 

I took my violin and I played for him. My violin was made by Mr. Stevens - Grandpa’s former neighbor. Mr. Stevens only made 7 violins. He was an amazing wood worker. Only 3 of the violins worked. I got the second best one. It’s been my long term, sentimental, favorite violin for years and years. 

I got it in 6th grade which was 1984. 

So I played it for Grandpa. I played my song, “Jodi’s Jig” for him. When I got done, he said, “that’s good.” I am so glad I got to do that - play violin for my grandpa. 

Well, we have talked over zoom and FaceTime several times. And this next Monday, I will be able to see him in person! I can’t wait! My dog won’t be allowed. I wish she could visit too. They love each other so much. 

100 years old. It’s not every day your grandparent turns 100. 

We never know how long our loved ones will be around. Be sure to appreciate them while they are here.

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