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How I See Things
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Friday, November 8, 2019

Am I Safe To Drive?

Note: I wrote this blog post before I got my new glasses.

Am I Safe To Drive?

I told someone that I was diagnosed with having tunnel vision. Their immediate reply was: “are you safe to drive?” 

I have been asking myself the same question since the moment Dr. Magic Optometrist told me, “you have tunnel vision.”

I know I have to turn my head and look very carefully when I am driving. I also know I have to leave large following distance compared to so many people. 

I mean, I have been driving for 31 years at this point. Am I safe to drive? Would the Department of Motor Vehicles have said to me: “you’re not safe to drive, you have tunnel vision.” 

I have been compensating for this for as long as I have been driving. Am I safe to drive? I don’t know. 

When I get my new glasses and they let me see in 3D, will they radically change how I drive? Will I be able to drive then? Someone I know is taking me to the appointment when I pick up my glasses, and I think it’s probably a good idea to ask them to drive and drive me home. My eyes may be very tired from the exercises and looking through new glasses experience I am going to have. 

I guess these are questions I will be able to ask when I get the glasses. 

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