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How I See Things
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Monday, June 15, 2020

Vision Therapy at Home

I went to Vision Therapy twice after I had already started self-isolating at home. At first, the Optometrist's office was able to stay open. But then practices like his, which aren't deemed (vital?) had to shut down.

I talked with them on the phone two weeks in a row after that, to discuss my treatment while I'm at home.

And now I am trying to do my treatment while I am at home. My treatment consists of so many kinds of things, and I wish I had photos or whatever of all the different things. I wish I spent more time doing these things. Alas, there is just so much going on in my life and I don't do the self-care things the way I am supposed to.

I wasn't brought up with the term "self-care," so I am just now learning what it is, and what it means. This is what self-care means to me - after years of paying attention and trying to understand it:

  • take your medicines at the proper times
  • sleep a healthy amount of sleep for you
  • take a nap if you need to (I can't fully sleep at night so often need to nap. I can't help it; it's part of my Complex PTSD to not be able to sleep well at night.)
  • eat good food, not only junk
  • exercise or do something active during your days (this is the skill I am the worst at)

And now, with vision therapy, I have new Self-Care items to add to the list.

Here is one of them: it's called the Moro Reflex.

This woman explains what the Moro Reflex is so well, and shows an advanced exercise.

The first movement he does is similar to what I am doing. This is another Moro Reflex exercise:

Several months ago, early in my vision therapy, my therapist actually had me doing these: Carpet Angels. (Like snow angels, but on the carpet.) So this is a more basic exercise, a baby step up to more complex Moro Splat reflexes.

Here is another video with different information about the Carpet Angels:

So, this is one thing I am supposed to be doing every day, 20 times per day in my self-isolation version of Vision Therapy.

I need to be better about doing these things. There is just so much going on in my life that everything else always seems like the priority.

Also, after doing meals and dishes, I have to give my heart a rest because it races so often and just needs to calm down for a while before I start the next thing. This happens to me constantly. I wouldn't wish a heart problem on anyone.

I finally understand that saying: "Youth is wasted on the young." I used to love things like rock climbing, canoeing, hiking, camping, water skiing, snow skiing, ice skating. And now my heart gets all excited at loading the dish washer. Yep, my life is just THAT exciting. My body isn't what it once was, thanks to heart issues.

Anyway, I hope this blog post helps many people out there. It works well for folks who are on the Autism Spectrum as well as folks who have been traumatized as children or as adults and have a big startle reflex. One of the videos says that it helps folks like me who have bad short-term memory. I can't often interpret what I am looking at, since I see it in ways that other folks don't have to worry about seeing it. I see it from my left eye, my right eye, and then both together but the object is transposed on top of itself in an odd way. My brain then has to interpret what those 3 different things I just saw were. It's complex, and it means I can't retain a lot of things long term in my head.

So, this Moro Splat exercise is supposed to help me with having better short term memory, too.

Stay safe. Stay home. Wear a mask.

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