How I See Things

How I See Things
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Monday, March 15, 2021

Healing Anxiety

Every time I turn around, I hear the word "anxiety." I was diagnosed with anxiety (along with myriad other things) around age 44 I think it was. 

There are many remedies for anxiety. One of them is medicines. I have been on several. One of them is probably taking baths, who knows.

I keep hearing about breathing. My most recent therapist has told me to breathe down to my belly, really fill my lungs. And that talks to something at the base of my spine and tells my body, "I am safe." She told me on several occasions to do this with her and to picture the action of "zooming in." Where you have 4 corners on a device (or 4 points of impact at your butt or hips or whatever) and you pinch and zoom. She says: "Widen and soften." 

So I breathe and think of this pinch and zoom and say to myself: "widen and soften." This is how to tell our bodies to relax.

My vision therapist, A., has also had me concentrate on breathing. When it was time for me to pause my vision therapy, she gave me a book. I am moving and it appears I have already packed the book! But there is a chapter in the book on breathing. She marked it with a sticky note. Maybe she really wants me to get this hint. 😆😅😂

Well, just now, a few folks recommended this video, and I watched it. And it goes right along with the other things I have said. The YouTuber is a pleasure to watch and listen to. 

I hope this video is enjoyable to you too. It's about 4 minutes long. 

Anxiety Remedy | Correct Shallow Breathing

I am enjoying the arrival of the Spring weather where I am. Perhaps you are too, unless you're in the Denver area and you're piled under new snow! 😂


  1. I need to find better ways to manage my anxiety, too. Some of my coping mechanisms aren’t healthy.

    1. It takes time to figure these things out. Breathing and drinking water, looking at nature trees, animals, flowers, the sky -- these help me relax.

  2. My breathing coach is amazing and on the cutting edge of breathing for healing. Look up Breathing with Bryan (Mirabella)

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