How I See Things

How I See Things
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Monday, June 7, 2021

Concussion Saga

Well. It happened again. I got another concussion. 
I was moving furniture and my 2 lb modem fell on my head. 

I think I now get 1-2 concussions per year. I am so tired of these. 

My vision issues make me miss things “everyone else” seems to see so easily. I miss things (particularly over my eye level), and then I get literally hit in the head. 

I am learning when I get a concussion, that my FIRST response is anger. I get so mad at myself for doing this YET AGAIN. 

and a few days later, I realize that my ADHD brain is having an even more difficult time staying focused. 

Did I mention I can’t stand the Internet in my new home? Oh, yes I did. Well, I guess it lashed out at me too. It’s tired of me talking smack about it. 


Meanwhile, here is a deer that walks through my yard every day. Something beautiful and more peaceful.

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  1. I’m sorry you got another concussion! You do have a good sense of humor.


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