How I See Things

How I See Things
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Monday, June 28, 2021


I am at the laundromat today. Waiting for my clothes to dry.

I am struggling with a migraine. The don’t come so often now since I got them diagnosed and got medical help for, and I was surprised by the sudden onset of it, trying to keep quiet and just wait until I could go home and lie down. 

My friend who is with me said, “maybe it’s the fluorescent lights.” And that reminded me that the last time I had issues like this was at the concussion doctor’s office. Their lights hurt my head too. 

I have put on some headache soother salve. And I took the over-the-counter medicine my neurologist / migraine doctor suggested. Neither is really helping. Probably when I leave the laundromat, my headache will stop. 

It’s weird (I wouldn’t go so far as to say “frustrating”) to not know why my eyes hurt. Is it the lights? Is it because of my eyes, and I am in an unfamiliar place, and I have to look around more to figure this place out (since it’s unfamiliar?), did I take my migraine medicine too late (I forgot to take it before bed last night and took it about an hour before coming to the laundromat).

Anyway, just another day, another observation on my eyesight issues and how they affect my every-day-life. 

Note: I don’t know when or where I got this Badger Headache Soother salve. I am not a spokesperson for them. I am not getting any money to “promote” them. I carry this with me in my purse and I like it. And I think it’s a cool thing, so I am sharing it here. 

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