How I See Things

How I See Things
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Monday, June 13, 2022

Seeing the Beauty

A friend has enjoyed seeing photos I take wherever I go. I take a LOT of photos. 

My friend remarked that for someone who has vision issues, I definitely notice beautiful things & she is grateful I share them so other people can see them, too. 

So I thought: what if I share some photos on my blog here? 

So, perhaps you will enjoy this gallery of beautiful things I have photographed. 


A gorgeous sunset, and the human elements of electrical power. 

My 2 dogs, running with a friend of theirs - Jasper is the black American Cocker Spaniel in the front. Sparky is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (with perhaps a mix of Chihuahua in him, because his ears are short … they are sticking up in this photo because he is running!) … and their friend in the back, chasing Sparky. 

I love how Jasper poses for the camera. 

Sparky taking a doze on a friend’s ottoman. 

Jasper’s cute butt while he looks out the window. 

Another gorgeous sunset. The Shenandoah Mountains near where I live. 

Sparky and Jasper romping - ears up!

A fire sunset with the snow in the foreground. 

Baby pinecones forming. I actually tasted one, too. It tasted like pine. Definitely interesting. 

Lilly pads in a pond. 

Interesting formations on a tree. Not sure what they are, but I like them. 

Boats on a lake, fog in the background. 

Purple Irises. 

Forest in front of a lake. 

Jasper looking at the camera. His nose. This one may not be a beautiful shot, but it’s fun. 

A chipmunk!

First sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. 

A local caterpillar in Shenandoah. These are harmless to people. But they make gigantic nests in the trees and kill off tree branches. Then they turn into small white moths. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Maybe I should do more of these. This is literally, “How I See Things.” Photos of things I see. 

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