How I See Things

How I See Things
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Monday, February 3, 2020


One of the things my vision therapist is working on me with very intensely is “dissociation.” It’s an official diagnosis. One of the things they have pointed out to me with this is that I am not aware of my feet or my body when I am walking. 

My gravity reader in my body is dialed way too low. They want me to get ankle weights and wear them everywhere to make my gravity reader go up. So I will dissociate less.  

[This is a photo of me walking the board, wearing my dress that has blue roses on it. I have my right leg raised, and I am tapping my knee with my left hand. I am also wearing black ankle weights in this photo.]

I continue to be surprised and (grateful?) that this is an actual, diagnosable thing. And that they are working on it with me.  I am literally learning how to walk again. 

Today they had me swinging my arms widely while looking straight forward. They also have me walking on either side of a plank and tapping my raised knee with each step, with my opposite hand. It is cross-body exercises. We are re-wiring my brain to have cross-connections that I apparently never made in early childhood. 

Per their instructions, I bought a walking rail for my dining room. I painted it a happy turquoise. 

I walk it a lot. My feet follow the edges of it so I am learning to walk properly.

I will he saying quite a bit more about this in future blog posts.

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