How I See Things

How I See Things
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Monday, January 27, 2020

Life gets in the way sometimes

I guess I haven't posted a blog update last week or the week before. Life got in the way 2 weeks ago. And then the next week, I may have been trying to sort out what to say about how life got in the way. But ... you know what, it doesn't really matter. On the scale of life, I had things to do. I am sure you did, too. I had emotions to feel and things to think about and stuff to do with my teenage boys who are taller than most men I meet. Sooner than I would like, they will launch and I will be able to sit around all day and write nothing but wonderful blog posts.

So, I hope you either didn't notice my absence, or you took a nice break and did something wonderful. I will begin posts again next week. As soon as I am done typing this one, I will start working on the next one. It should run next Monday, as usual. Although I am thinking of switching to a Wednesday schedule. My vision therapy days are on Tuesdays. I usually leave those with a bunch of blog posts swirling in my head and Mondays doesn't seem to be a day that is working for me to consistently post. It is strategically the furthest day from my Tuesday therapy as it could be. (or is it the closest?)

I hope everyone is having a lovely year. We are almost done with Month 1 of 2020!

Last night, I looked up at the cold winter sky and saw so many constellations. The sky was brilliant. I hope you will consider going out to see if you can see the sky and constellations. They really are quite beautiful. I was in a neighborhood that is just filled with light pollution and I could see all my favorite constellations. That sort of floored me, to be honest. So even if you live in a light pollution area, go look at the night sky. Make up your own stories about what's up there if you don't know the ancient stories about Orion & Pleideas and Taurus ... Cephus and his baby goats ... Canis Major and minor ... the Gemini Twins named "Castor and Pollux." And - do you happen to know what "Betelgeuse" means? It's kind of funny once you learn it.

[A black background with white and colored stars in the formation of the Orion Constellation and also the Big Dipper. Image courtesy of:]

Ok. Signing off this post. See you next time. Thank you for reading my blog. Feel free to drop a comment any time. I love comments. 

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