How I See Things

How I See Things
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Monday, December 16, 2019


[A photo of me on my back deck. I have short blonde hair and dark blue glasses on. I am wearing my sunflower dress. My hair has remnants of lavender dye I put in it. You can see my Virginia Pine Tree in the background.]

At vision therapy, my vision therapist told me that an important part of our journey is forgiveness.

With my own journey, I have had many different viewpoints on forgiveness. I have blogged them and written about it in journals and my books.

I bristled because of where I am on my current journey in my personal life. I am not ready to forgive someone significant in my life right now.

I listened to what my vision therapist had to say, though, and I came away with a new definition of forgiveness that I want to share.

He said that forgiveness means to let go of something that was taking up significant space inside us. And then, we will have room for the next thing to come in there to take up the space.

He said it much more eloquently. But that was the general idea.

Essentially - let go of the thing that is bothering you, so that there is room for something good to come in and fill that space.

Isn't that a beautiful definition of forgiveness? I love this idea. It's a definition of forgiveness that I can easily embrace.


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