How I See Things

How I See Things
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Monday, June 1, 2020

Constellations in the sky

Do we see constellations in the sky in 3D?

The stars are up there in 3 dimensions (or more?) But don't we see them, with our naked eyes, in 2 dimensions?

I wonder if most people see the space and distance between stars? Maybe if they use binoculars? I wonder if we all see the stars the same way?

Except some people might be like Vincent Van Gogh, and see streaks and floaters and other beautiful things, so the stars take on the appearance of singing, visually. (I beg that you will indulge me with my creative words on this matter; after all, we are talking about Vincent Van Gogh's vision.)

I love the constellations. I wonder if they will become more beautiful to me than ever before, as the trees did, that one time, for 24 hours.

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