How I See Things

How I See Things
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Monday, November 16, 2020

Crepe Myrtle Tree

There is a crepe Myrtle tree outside my vision therapist’s office. One time after a particularly good vision therapy session, I sat in my car to recover. (I often need to sit in my car to recover after vision therapy.)

I looked at this crepe Myrtle tree and saw the trees behind it, across the parking lot, as far away from the crepe Myrtle tree. 

What this means is: I was seeing the tree in 3D! I could see it popping closer to me, as if I was in a 3D movie, wearing those glasses that make things come out at you in the theater. 

It was so nice! This is something I am still learning, still becoming familiar with it. Learning what to do with my eyes to make 3D vision appear. 

I have almost 50 years of bad habits with my eyes to overcome. And I am now unlearning the bad habit and learning the good habit. 

It’s called “convergence.” I have to bring my eyes closer to the center. They drift outwards and that’s my relaxed / normal way to look at the world. But I can’t see 3D when I am doing that. 

So I have to mentally pay attention and bring my right eye closer to the center, then almost pull in my left eye beyond what I have had to do with my right eye. Then I have to look and focus carefully to see if I am seeing in 3D. 

I don’t do it perfectly yet. But I am getting there. I definitely notice a difference!

This crepe Myrtle tree, I love seeing it when I park at my vision therapy place. I use it as an exercise before I go in to my appointment and also when I come back out after the appointment. 

This flat photo doesn’t show the tree popping out. So that shows more like how I USED to see it. 😅 But in real life, I see it popping out towards me, away from the trees in the background. 

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